An application of great personal value to me, Journey was created with the intention of giving users an interface to manage their projects, ideas, or any concept they desired to publish. App functionalities would enable users to set a path for completing tasks to advance in their path of choice, see their progress over time and pinpoint the immediate item to tackle. It aims to encourage users to set own missions, tasks, and pathway to their desired goals and objectives.

Components Used

  • Django: Web Application Framework. Serves HTML/CSS Files with python functionality to define views and functions, as well as linking to Database
  • MYSQL: Use AWS RDS for Backend. Communicates with Django Application Frontend to create data entries
  • Amazon EC2: Infrastructure environment equipped with needed packages required for Django. Simple and Cost effective
  • Namecheap: Configure DNS


  • Create Full Stack application that works with database and user input
  • Link Relational tables together through establishing a relationship
  • Use central views.py function to link HTML templates to URL paths
  • Pass User data loaded from backend through the dictionary to frontend for display
  • Implement User Registration/Authentication
  • Deploy Production Application through using AWS Suite and DNS Providers

User Features

  • Create Journeys
  • Create Events Associated to Journeys
  • Create Notes and time comments associate to todos
  • Complete Todos and have them viewable with ease
  • Delete components
  • PIN important todos on top