I understand old, unfinished, and ugly-looking snapshots of projects are not the most enticing material to showcase on a portfolio site. However, when I browse past my older projects, it fills me with pride considering how much I believe I have improved. More importantly, the old projects were the first stepping stones I needed to get through to attain my current level. There’s no doing without trying. Attempting to create an idea is not something to feel shame towards. So with that being said, I have listed a few of my older projects I managed to find rare screenshots for to list.


A software development course project, I felt compelled to include a snapshot of this application. The requirement was to make an app that allows an instructor to create assignments with expected output from a given input file. The student should then be able to access the assignment, and submit python code for the assignment to get the desired output.This was the first full Django web application I developed and managed to deploy live. Though I got contributions from partners for the HTML templates and designs, I developed and configured the Django framework, views, and connection to database. The project also greatly familiarized me with AWS infrastructure management, and specifically with S3 buckets and connecting it with the web application.

Django/React Todo App

First experience running ReactJS inside a Django project. Developing this app was a very fulfilling journey, as it incorporated 2 of the most popular web development engines, in a combination that led to the creation of an incredibly fast real-time web application. Losing this project’s code due to a fried hard drive was greatly unfortunate. However, I have every intention of recreating a Django X React app such as this in very near future, most probably in a rendition of my current Journey App, but in ReactJS for feel of a standalone realtime application.

Brancher: JQuery App

A picture definition of a first-timer’s application. Javascript was the first programming language I learned. I utilized JS and jQuery when I first started building websites, as they would allow the implementation of functionality to the site with user interaction. The app’s intent, as the name would suggest, was to create a visual hierarchy of ideas based on user input. I utilized jQuery code to perform functions based on events that were triggered by the user. Developing this project was what started me down the path of programming, as I felt a great sense of fulfillment from being able to turn my idea into a usable product, just through typing a bunch of letters in the right structure.